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Lesbian couple with heads tilted lovingly together


I didn’t have any symptoms, but I got tested before returning to work at the hospital so I wouldn’t spread...
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Millennial woman with brown hair and pink dress holding a computer on her lap

How Has COVID Impacted Gender Equality?

It’s a complex time for citizens and residents of the United States. The novel coronavirus has exposed...
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Brown hair woman with head lying on table and eyes rolled back looking exhausted

Why Less is More — Nootropics and Microdosing

It might make you smarter, more focused, and more energetic. And more people in life science are...
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Zoom meeting window showing 12 meeting participants on a computer screen

OK, We’ve Just Realized That WFH Has Made Us All More Human

The lack of social contact really bothers us. Some of us miss the morning “hello” from our...
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Large movie theater sign displaying the text: world is temporarily closed referring to coronavirus

The Most Promising COVID-19 Vaccines in Development

Worldwide, the COVID-19 virus has killed around 750 thousand people with Americans accounting...
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“SYMPTOMSPLAINING” author Casey Slater doing standing bow pulling yoga pose before and during cancer treatment


But advocacy is a full-time job. And when you’re fighting cancer, you already have a full-time job...
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The back of a meeting rrom with rows of empty chairs and a black and white filter

Life Science Processes – Going Beyond Meetings

The life sciences may be seen as a stressful logic-based world rife with pressing deadlines and...
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LGBTQ+ gay pride rainbow flag waving in the wind

LGBTQ+ in Life Sciences

I was a lesbian locked inside a safe, in the depths of my closet, having no clue where the door...
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