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Whenever Life Science Professionals bring in a supplier to develop a workshop, it’s because they see a vital need to educate, prepare, and reinforce their teams’ and leaders’ knowledge and skills in a specific area. But there’s always a concern that the workshop will be interesting for a day and then fade from memory without assimilating into culture and practices enough to make a difference. We call that a “one-and-done.” You know you’ve used those words before.

On SOURCE EXPLORER, we list some of the top suppliers in the industry. Many do workshops, and they’re all different. Because Life Science Professionals have the opportunity to browse and favorite profiles and reviews of multiple commercial-side suppliers in one place, it’s easy to find the right fit for a project.

One of our Source Certified suppliers, Informa Training Partners, is known by their clients for creating outstanding workshops that drive sustainable change, and in areas where change is truly needed. They provide workshops on a variety of topics such as Clinical, Market Access, Selling Skills, and New Hire Onboarding. Today, we want to focus on the gap they fill utilizing the integration of their Clinical and Market Access specialties and explain why Informa Training Partners’ workshops are never just “one-and-done.”

Market Access plays a critical role in the success of any product at a pharmaceutical or biotech company. Without proper access, life-saving products may never reach the patients who need them most. In order to make this process as seamless as possible, it is critical that sales teams be able to discuss clinical aspects of the package insert and clinical reprints, as well as help doctors and reimbursement specialists navigate the complicated path of access.

When Informa Training Partners creates a workshop for sales teams, they begin with pre-work that provides participants with the foundational knowledge they need to fully participate in the workshop. This gets everyone on the same page before the workshop begins.  Ultimately, it is more efficient for facilitators because they don’t have to spend time during the workshop reminding teams of foundational knowledge they need to know to move forward but can instead focus on practical application of that knowledge.

A clinical conversation and a market access conversation are completely different and require different skill sets.  Clinical conversations involve data, facts, and most of all, stories about real patients and how they can benefit.  Access conversations involve more process discussions.

Imagine a world where all sales teams were comfortable and confident in both areas. That’s where Informa Training Partners come in.

Informa Training Partner

Informa Training Partners understands the impact market access discussions will have on the total success of a product. It’s one thing to be able to sell the benefits of a medical intervention, but if access is too complex for physicians and care coordination teams to understand and explain, it may not make it to the patients who need it. It’s often a major blind spot, and it’s why a product may never make the impact it should be able to.

This isn’t limited to new products. A medication that’s sold well for ten years could have changes in access at any time. Informa Training Partners prepares your teams to anticipate and communicate these changes.

Let’s say a blood pressure medication is popular and prescribed as the top product in its category. Now, imagine that a state law or major policy shift no longer requires insurance providers to include that blood pressure medicine in their coverage plans. That may change many patients’ ability to afford it, and therefore will affect how often it is prescribed. It also impacts the conversations that sales teams will need to have with their doctor’s and reimbursement coordinators.

Informa Training Partners uses real examples like the above scenario to carefully craft engaging and interactive activities that enable the sales team to understand the marketplace.

Often, they incorporate gamification and scoring mechanisms to foster a competitive spirit amongst the teams at the onset.This continues throughout their workshops. According to a study called “I Play At Work,” gamification is a “promising strategy for promoting loyalty, productivity, and wellbeing in the workplace.” It makes sense; even as kids we were all most engaged in what we were doing if we having fun doing it.

During Informa Training Partners’ workshops, a process of predicting and navigating the nuances of Market Access is illustrated through interactive, highly engaging, case-based exercises and other activities. Their educational approach has been recognized as unique and effective, including being named as an Industry Partnership Award Finalist in the 2018 LTEN Excellence Awards.

Informa Training Partner

Finally, where some workshops leave you with a lot of information, isolated in the heads of the people who were present on the day, Informa Training Partners offers sustainability materials that pull through and reinforce key content from the workshop.

Informa’s custom home-study materials are another reason why their workshops go beyond the “one-and-done.” Their training materials are also award-winning, recently receiving the Platinum Award from the 2018 international Hermes Creative Awards for a customized educational video.

Ultimately, you need to get your sales teams to understand and get excited about the potential to protect their sales through a deeper understanding of Market Access. They’ll be more prepared to maximize your company’s investment in key medical interventions, and to actually get those products to the patients who need them. Informa Training Partners understands that potential impact and have created the workshops that make it happen.

These are the kind of resources that SOURCE EXPLORER is proud to offer in our database. Every supplier profile contains insight into what they do differently, to help you picture what they can do to support and achieve the outcomes that are important to you, your shareholders, and the patients you serve.

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