Overcoming the Difficulty of Finding a Supplier

Completing a life sciences project is not just about the right lab equipment. A lot that goes into products from the life sciences industry, and a successful project requires the right leadership development, technology, strategy, analytics, marketing, design, training, operations, and more. Much as you need a top-notch vendor for your physical products, you need good partners in these other areas, too.

Finding a supplier is not easy. There are a handful of common reasons that it’s difficult to find a supplier, but, lucky for you, we’ve found a way to overcome these challenges.

Challenge: Too Much Time Spent Searching

You cannot spend all your time searching for the right supplier. We understand that. It takes away from your work on your project, and wastes your energy and resources. Still, many people involved in life sciences get stuck in the supplier-search time-suck.

Here’s how we can help. Source Explorer is a one-stop-shop for the best suppliers around, all listed and available through our platform. Instead of having to hunt down suppliers, reach out, make connections, and hope that things work out, you can simply search for what you need and connect right away. Imagine the time savings!

Challenge: Unverified Suppliers

Not all suppliers are made alike. If you end up accidentally focusing your efforts on a supplier that is ultimately not a good match for your project, you have lost precious time, again. This is why we have introduced our Source Certified verification.

On our site, Source Certified suppliers are those whose clients we have heard from directly. The clients must have worked with the supplier within the last two years and provided ratings and reviews, so you can see exactly what the experience was like.

Instead of having to trust an unverified supplier, or having to dig around for reviews and ratings yourself, it’s all there and easy to see. We also remove the listing of suppliers with ratings and reviews below a certain threshold.

Challenge: The Same Old Supplier

Sometimes, it’s good to stick with what you know. Sometimes, however, branching out can have a positive impact on your project. Still, it can be hard to track down a new or niche supplier when you are racing against the clock.

A large part of our business model is highlighting boutique and niche suppliers with fewer than 50 employees. This will help breathe new life into your projects and products. And it will introduce you to some excellent, lesser-known companies.

Source Explorer exists to bridge the gap between your life sciences project and excellent, reliable suppliers. Get in touch for more information or to connect with the boutique suppliers to move your business forward.

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