Every year, millions of people worldwide see a problem with the way things have “always been done.” Of those people, most just deal with it. Some complain about it. A few brainstorm with others about potential solutions. A small portion of those put their money where their mouth is, and create businesses around their ideas. Some of those businesses even succeed. What’s happened with SOURCE EXPLORER is truly unique, and I want to thank those of you who have contributed to our success.

Life Science Professionals used to be stuck with an antiquated process of finding the right boutique suppliers. I was one of those people. Back when I managed $30M+ Pharma vendor budgets, the below was my experience when I got an exciting new project:

🔦 I need a specialist vendor!
🔦 I go to Sourcing (2-3 days for them to research).
🔦 They come back with 3 names of large companies, but they were not specialists.
🔦 I become dissatisfied with those results and decide to start my own search.
🔦 I start with asking my network for referrals. It takes 1-2 weeks if my network has a referral who’s also a good fit for my needs.
🔦 While I wait, I do a google search, where the most bid-on AdWords win my attention. Not necessarily the most qualified or top rated by my peers.
🔦 If my network doesn’t have a referral, I’m back to google. This can extend the process of finding a specialist by 2-4 months in many cases.

SOURCE EXPLORER takes all ☝that time down to minutes. We provide a supplier search engine that connects Life Science Professionals to the specialist consultants they need. It’s that simple.

Life Science Professionals are in it for the ultimate goal: quality patient care. You’re either saving lives or at least improving their quality.

I’m so proud that SOURCE EXPLORER is uniquely positioned to support those goals by cutting the red tape and skipping ahead to the finish line… 👇

🏁… Taking care of people.

So thank you! Thank you for being innovators, both in your approach to work processes and in the medical interventions that have made such a difference for the patients we talk to.

Thank you for sharing your support for those patients, reading and sharing their blogs like “LET’S TALK A-BUTT IT” and “LET’S TALK TICS.

Thanks to our suppliers, who are the top-rated in the industry. They have won awards from MM&A, INC Magazine, and many more.

Thanks to Tech Fort Worth, a network of entrepreneurs who have helped SOURCE EXPLORER set goals, and identify meaningful improvements.

Thanks to the 1000+ Life Science Professionals who’ve signed up and searched SOURCE EXPLORER. I know this means you agree that things can be done a better way. Thanks to those of you who have made specific requests, too! Your feedback allows us to best to serve the Life Science community.

Not everyone creates solutions. Not every business succeeds. But those that do have a whole community to thank for it. As we continue to grow in 2019, our thanks are ever yours.

Wishing you all a meaningful holiday season and a Happy New Year!

~ Kellan Barfield

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