Boutique Suppliers VS. Large Scale Suppliers

Bigger isn’t always better! When you are looking for a supplier for your life science products and projects, using a boutique supplier is a decision that can impact your operations in a positive way. Sure, there are benefits to working with large-scale suppliers, but boutique businesses know their stuff and can offer it to you in a much more personalized way.

We like to work with boutique suppliers. That’s why we have focused so much of our company on these niche operations. Here are a few reasons that smaller can be better than big.

Cutting Edge & Niche Information

According to Deloitte, the slow rate of adopting new technologies is a challenge for life science companies. The larger the company, the harder it may be to adopt cutting-edge technologies and information, because it has to go through that many more people. For a boutique supplier, innovation is easier due to scale alone.

Many boutique suppliers are niche companies focused on having a strong understanding of one specific area. A lot of these small companies are formed by people who know what the industry needs and how to do it well. Consider a boutique supplier that is on top of the latest and greatest in the industry and has tailored its offerings to your needs.

Smaller Supplier, Better Support

It is all too easy to get lost in the cracks of a big-name company. Even if you are a dedicated customer, you are looking at potentially longer wait times for support and you’re more likely to get generic advice. Again, there are so many people to go through that it simply takes more time.

With a boutique supplier, there are only so many employees; when you want help, you can get it from someone with whom you have developed a relationship. Your business is important to a boutique supplier’s survival. Supporting you, therefore, is always a priority. Help comes quickly, personalized to your needs.

Easy Access to Info

Want to know more about a big supplier? You can get a good overview through public resources, but you will have a much harder time getting the inside scoop from people who work there.

With a boutique supplier, on the other hand, information is much more accessible from the people on the inside, who want you to know more about their work so that you’ll become a partner.

To see for yourself why small is better, get in touch with us, and we’ll connect you with personalized service from dedicated, professional suppliers.

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