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Working in the life sciences industry is stressful. Between knowing the data verifying all HCP-facing employees stick to the package insert (PI) and listening to the barrage of celebrities criticize the industry and its pricing, it’s exhausting stuff. So, there’s no better feeling than arriving home from work, vegging out in front of the TV, and watching stories about your industry that you don’t have to defend.

So what do life scientist professionals love to binge-watch? Life science, of course! These life science movies and series — all available to stream in the U.S. right now — reveal the joys, complexities, and, occasionally, the horrors of life in and out of work. Hollywood doesn’t always get it right, but sometimes art really imitates life sciences.

#1. “Radioactive”

Where to watch? Amazon Prime.

The one with Rosamund Pike as Marie Curie.


Brilliantly bizarre biopic with Rosamund Pike as the polonium-discovering radium-finding physicist icon Marie Curie. Based on Lauren Redniss’ 2010 novel “Radioactive: Marie and Pierre Curie, A Tale of Love and Fallout,” Radioactive takes a whirlwind journey through Marie’s life — including that time a horse crushed her husband to death — and her seriously scientific mind. Originally scheduled for a cinematic release last year, which COVID canceled, “Radioactive” has thankfully landed on Amazon Prime so everyone can learn about the undisputed queen of chemistry.

#2. “Side Effects”

Where to watch? Amazon Prime.

The one about the shady psychiatrist.


Meet Emily, whose entire planet uncurls after a psychiatrist prescribes her a dubious drug to deal with depression. The pills work at first but come with a strange side effect, severe sleepwalking, which causes Emily to stab her husband, Martin. The always-amazing Rooney Mara leads the screen as Emily. Jude Law and Catherine Zeta-Jones co-star.

#3. “Diagnosis”

Where to watch? Netflix.

The one where a real-life doctor solves mysterious medical conditions.


Dark docu-series that takes a deep dive into the incredible world of the most mysterious of medical mysteries. Physician and New York Times columnist Lisa Sanders plays a modern-day Jessica Fletcher who solves perplexing health-related problems rather than murders, but the outcomes are just as dramatic. In episode one, a patient experiences excruciating pain that pulses from her legs to her jaw — but no doctor can work out why. It’s a healthcare head-scratcher. Can you crack the conundrum before Lisa does?

#4. “Rugal”

Where to watch? Netflix. 

The one with loads of biotech action.


South Korean procedural where a cop joins a super-secret task force called, you guessed it, Rugal, whose members have crazy-superhuman abilities. And it’s all thanks to biotechnology. A huge hit overseas, you can now catch this 16-parter on Netflix with English subtitles. You’ll be in it for the long haul.

#5. “The Bleeding Edge”

Where to watch? Netflix.

The one about the corrupt side of life sciences that nobody talks about.


Doc that goes behind America’s $400 billion medical device industry. Director Kirby Dick — he’s got two Oscar nominations! — uncorks crooked corporate cover-ups and shady goings-on, and how all this impropriety affects hard-working life science professionals like you. A must-see for everyone in life science.

#6. “The C-Word”

Where to watch? Netflix.

The one about modern medicine’s approach to cancer. 


Dr. David Servan-Schreiber thinks the West’s approach to cancer prevention is problematic and explains exactly why in this 2015 documentary. The main narrative focuses on cancer survivor Meghan, who with Dr. David, challenges the status quo of modern medicine. Thought-provoking and touching in equal measure.

SOURCE EXPLORER’S Take: Let’s Talk A-Butt It (All about colon cancer)

#7. “The Story of Louis Pasteur”

Where to watch? Amazon Prime.

The one about Louis Pasteur.


Biopic from 1936 about life sciences founding father Louis Pasteur, who transformed medicine and agriculture after discovering principles of microbiology and vaccination. He’s likely shaking his head from the grave regarding our current COVID debates.

The movie shows Louis as a troubled but talented chemist who changed the planet, one microbe at a time.

#8. “Medical Police”

Where to watch? Netflix.

The one about virus-fighting pediatricians. Yes, really. 


Side-splitting Netflix comedy that parodies both medical and spy thrillers. (Imagine “Scrubs” and “Austin Powers” had a love child.) Owen Maestro and Lola Spratt star as doctors who quit working at a children’s hospital to investigate a lethal global virus. Believe it not; the CDC needs their help.

#9. “Weed the People”

Where to watch? Netflix.

The one about cannabis curing cancer.


Medical marijuana doc that explores the green stuff’s potential healing properties for children with cancer.

SOURCE EXPLORER’S Take: Is Cannabis the Future of Medicine?

#10. “Bending the Arc”

Where to watch? Netflix.

The one about the global healthcare organization you’ve never heard of.


Incredible profile of Partners In Health (check them out), the organization that spearheaded a global movement for health justice. The doc follows some unbelievably awesome doctors trying to eradicate HIV/AIDS in Haiti, Peru, and Rwanda.

SOURCE EXPLORER’S Take: HIV Vaccine Development: What You Need to Know

#11. “Something the Lord Made”

Where to watch? Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime.

The one about the lab supervisor who never got the credit he deserved.


Thankfully, this made-for-TV movie from 2004 has found a new audience via streaming. It tells the story of black lab supervisor Vivien Thomas, who pioneered a treatment for Blue Baby Syndrome in the ’40s and overcame racial prejudices in the process.

#12. “Awakenings”

Where to watch? Amazon Prime.

The medical movie with Robin Williams that’s not “Patch Adams.”

Another one from the vaults grabbing eyeballs on Prime. Meet neurologist Dr. Malcolm Sayer, played by Robin Williams, who discovers a drug called L-Dopa and administers it to catatonic patients with sleeping sickness in a Bronx hospital. This one’s a tear-jerker.

#13. “Contagion”

Where to watch? Hulu.

The one that predicted COVID-19. Or so people think.


“Contagion” got a new lease of life during lockdown because of its eery similarities to the global response (and fallout from) the COVID-19 crisis. Kate Winslet, Gwyneth Paltrow, Matt Damon, and Jude Law all star in this spine-tingling thriller, making it the starriest movie about a fictional pandemic in Hollywood history.

Before You Turn the TV On

These life science movies and series run the gamut from drama to doc to dystopian disaster (“Contagion”), and you can catch them all streaming now. If you have any recommendations, SOURCE EXPLORER® is always looking for something life-sciencey to binge, so get in touch.


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