About Us

Life Science Vendor Sourcing Experience:

You need a specialty vendor now for your next project!

You go to Sourcing which takes up to a week to search.

They come back with 3 names of multi-billion dollar companies that are generalists, not specialists.

You become dissatisfied with those results and decide to start your own search.

You go to your network and ask for referrals. It takes 1-2 weeks if your network has a referral who’s also a good fit for your needs.

If your network doesn’t have a referral, you start an endless google search

This process can take weeks to months.

SOURCE EXPLORER takes all that time down to minutes. We provide a supplier search engine that connects Life Science Professionals to the specialty suppliers they need. It's that simple.

Life Science Professionals are in it for the ultimate goal : quality patient care. You’re either saving lives or at least improving their quality.

We are so proud that SOURCE EXPLORER is uniquely positioned to support those goals by cutting the red tape and skipping ahead to the finish line.