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Specialists on Demand

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100% Free

Using SOURCE EXPLORER is completely free for Life Science professionals.

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User Friendly

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Vet Vendors Instantly

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MM&M and ClinicalMind President Jeanne Martel
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Mobile learning for the
Modern Learner
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Is 2018 the year of
augmented reality?
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Increase visibility

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Build connections fast

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Reduced direct sales expense

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Embrace Technology
Let’s Talk Market Access

March 13, 2019

Whenever Life Science Professionals bring in a supplier to develop a workshop, it’s because they see a vital need to educate, prepare, and reinforce their teams’ and leaders’ knowledge and skills in a specific area. But there’s always a concern that the....

Digital Age

February 26, 2019

They called me “Bobby Buffet.” When I was a kid, I treated every meal like an all-you-can-eat buffet. I ate to an extreme. I almost never got too full to keep enjoying all the delicious foods, and I liked the attention I got for being able to pack it away without ever...

leadership development

January 8, 2019

Even as a kid, I knew every dandelion was special and every person valuable. My superpower was seeing their sparkle! When my vision started fading at 25, I was uninsured after a job fell through. The stress had made my whole body spiral out of control, but I put off getting...